Thursday, 6 October 2016

Narrative - Rough story layout

              Rough Story Layout - Alien school romance short 

  • Opening shot - Camera focused on cheese like floor. Space boot comes landing down slowing, to show lack of gravity. 
  • Camera zooms out, shows space girl standing on planet in her space suit. Space girl does a big jump over the camera with the camera following.
  • Space girl lands. Over the shoulder shot showing groups of aliens playing on the planet 
  • Camera cuts to two aliens kicking a meteorite between them.
  • Pans to and alien sitting on the ground who picks his nose, then scoops some of the cheese like floor and eats it.
  • Shows alien with a lot of arms reaching over and pulling alien girls hair.
  • Pans to three aliens playing jump rope with laser ropes.
  • Camera comes back to space girl showing her face as she looks from left to right at the different groups of aliens.
  • Space girl starts doing big jumps over to the group of aliens playing jump rope, camera follows.
  • She arrives at the aliens playing jump rope and the alien in the middle jumping rope jumps out,
  • Space girl jumps into the laser ropes but gets tangled up and trips almost immediately.
  • Aliens playing jump rope start laughing at her.
  • Space girl gets up embarrassed and jumps off to find another group of aliens.
  •  Space girl jumps over to two aliens kicking around the meteor.
  • When she arrives the aliens look up at her, then pass her the meteor.
  • Space girl slowly pulls back her leg to kick it, when she kicks it she mis-kicks it and kicks the meteor into space.
  • The aliens who where playing with it get annoyed with her and she gets scared then jumps away to find another group.
  • As she is jumping along she gets pulled back and falls over by the alien who was pulling alien girls hair. 
  • The alien starts laughing and walking towards her
  • As alien is walking towards her from behind a big rock a spaceman steps out and trips up the alien. 
  • The alien gets up then runs away scared of the spaceman.
  • The spaceman slowly walks towards the space girl then reaches out his hand to help her up.
  • Space girl hesitates at first but then takes his hand and he helps her to her feet.
  • The space man and space girl look at each other while holding hand. They then start jumping along together.
  • As jumping along a bell starts ringing. Parts of the alien world starts glitching out, aliens turning into humans, meteors turning into footballs etc.
  • Everything slowly fades into a primary school playground and the bell is going to signalise the end of break
  • Young girl and young boy are holding hands still.
  • Camera zooms into girls face to show her smiling and blushing.7
  • Finish

- Ian

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