Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Enviroment low poly influences and thumbnails

This is my first go at the low poly style drawing for the landscapes. The edges aren't as clean and straight as I want them to be. But I was just trying this out.
I did also try adding some colour to these drawings but thought it made them look a bit messy

- Hannah

Friday, 21 October 2016

Narrative: Giant Steps OGR

- Hannah
- The Team

Narrative - DC4 Studios Giant Steps Audio Clips (Animatic)

Narrative - DC4 Studios Giant Steps Audio Clips from Aureo Antonio on Vimeo.

Narrative - D4C Studio's Giant Steps Animatic

- Aureo

Prop Idea's

Playing around with idea's of what few props we have in the film, I was trying to think of fun alien versions of each of the Props featured in the story.


Character Design Progress Thus Far.

I feel like we've made good progress with the character designs for our film, and the consensus amongst the team is approval positive reactions to them so far.

Astronaut Girl.

First Thumbnails

Developed Thumbnails.

Near Final Concept

Colour Tests

Astronaut Boy


Near Final Concept

Colour Tests



Developed Thumbnails

Near Final Designs, Colour Tests.


Thursday, 20 October 2016

Environments influences

So been looking at environments for some inspiration for our animation. Was looking into places on earth which are almost unreal. 
I collected these images as I really like the colours, textures and shapes of these environments. 

Friday, 14 October 2016

Script Notes

So I went over the script as parts of it just needed some tweaking in order to make more sence. I did give these notes to Ian to look over.
One of the main issues I had was when she was jumping when she should be walking, because it doesn't make sence for someone who is sad or anxious.

Once Ian has done the script and moved over to story boarding, it will be my job as art director to over see this work.

- Hannah

Astronaut Girl, Initial Concepts and Influence.

For the design of our main character in her imaginary astronaut outfit I looked at retro space suits to fit with the 1960's motif in our film.

Arguably one of the most Iconic would be the mercury space suit used for high altitude test flights. But I have also included stylised helmets and fictional ones as this would have an influence on a child's design.

From there I did some rough sketches, you can see my progression as I got a better idea of how I wanted the proportions,

And here are some more final idea's, I drew these with a different brush and method to experiment with style.


Thursday, 13 October 2016

Narrative - Research - Alien characters

Influence map for alien character designs. Each alien will be based off of a school child's specific archetype, for example the kid / alien who picks his nose. The alien version will have exaggerated nostrils and fingers to add comic effect to the characters and animation.

Friday, 7 October 2016


When speaking to Alan about the characters that we could have in our animation, I instantly thought of this scene from Toy Story 3. Even though the age range in this scene are toddlers, and we are looking at children who would be slightly older or our animation, I thought it showed really good characteristics of how toddlers are

- Hannah


So as our animation will more than likely to have a space element to it I've stared having a look around on the internet for ideally what kids think of space. Trying to gain some information on how they see outer space and how it could shape our animation.

But came across kids programs which all show different looking in environments and styles.

Also found some really good animation shorts which could help with with our characters even though we might aim for slightly less realistic. 

Good for enviroments

Taking Flight, (below) I really enjoyed. It has a very similar concept to our animation idea. Really like how they flick between imagination and reality.

- Hannah

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Narrative - Rough story layout

              Rough Story Layout - Alien school romance short 

  • Opening shot - Camera focused on cheese like floor. Space boot comes landing down slowing, to show lack of gravity. 
  • Camera zooms out, shows space girl standing on planet in her space suit. Space girl does a big jump over the camera with the camera following.
  • Space girl lands. Over the shoulder shot showing groups of aliens playing on the planet 
  • Camera cuts to two aliens kicking a meteorite between them.
  • Pans to and alien sitting on the ground who picks his nose, then scoops some of the cheese like floor and eats it.
  • Shows alien with a lot of arms reaching over and pulling alien girls hair.
  • Pans to three aliens playing jump rope with laser ropes.
  • Camera comes back to space girl showing her face as she looks from left to right at the different groups of aliens.
  • Space girl starts doing big jumps over to the group of aliens playing jump rope, camera follows.
  • She arrives at the aliens playing jump rope and the alien in the middle jumping rope jumps out,
  • Space girl jumps into the laser ropes but gets tangled up and trips almost immediately.
  • Aliens playing jump rope start laughing at her.
  • Space girl gets up embarrassed and jumps off to find another group of aliens.
  •  Space girl jumps over to two aliens kicking around the meteor.
  • When she arrives the aliens look up at her, then pass her the meteor.
  • Space girl slowly pulls back her leg to kick it, when she kicks it she mis-kicks it and kicks the meteor into space.
  • The aliens who where playing with it get annoyed with her and she gets scared then jumps away to find another group.
  • As she is jumping along she gets pulled back and falls over by the alien who was pulling alien girls hair. 
  • The alien starts laughing and walking towards her
  • As alien is walking towards her from behind a big rock a spaceman steps out and trips up the alien. 
  • The alien gets up then runs away scared of the spaceman.
  • The spaceman slowly walks towards the space girl then reaches out his hand to help her up.
  • Space girl hesitates at first but then takes his hand and he helps her to her feet.
  • The space man and space girl look at each other while holding hand. They then start jumping along together.
  • As jumping along a bell starts ringing. Parts of the alien world starts glitching out, aliens turning into humans, meteors turning into footballs etc.
  • Everything slowly fades into a primary school playground and the bell is going to signalise the end of break
  • Young girl and young boy are holding hands still.
  • Camera zooms into girls face to show her smiling and blushing.7
  • Finish

- Ian

Tuesday, 4 October 2016



Heros Journey - Story develpoment

For the heros Journey project we have been set a conflict of 'Man vs Universe' with a quote to define the end of the story being "For a second her mind was empty; then all that she had forgotten came rushing back at once." We used these two factors along with our genre of 'Romance' to create two story ideas which we find are both strong ideas and could work well with creating our story.

1st idea - First day of school 

For our first idea we came up with a girls first day at a new school. This day would take place under the girls perspective of everything being alien to her. The school would be on another planet and all of the pupils will be aliens. The day will go badly with people thinking she's weird being the new kid and in her perspective the only human, being laughed at by other students for wearing her space suit and space helmet. During the day she ends up meeting another space man who defends her from bullies. She then spends time with the other space man and when she is about to show her face to the spaceman by taking her helmet off she hears a bell and she wakes up from a day dream and has been sitting in her mums car the whole time day dreaming because how worried she was about her first day.

2nd idea - Lunch time imagination 

This idea is about a girl who is at lunch time at school. Like this first idea this takes place under the main characters prespective. She is by herself playing astronaught, she imagines she's on a different planet with different gravity so she is jumping around and sees a group of aliens. She jumps over to the aliens who are playing football, she tries to join in but kicks the football miles away because of the gravity. The aliens then start taunting her and being mean to her. Another astronaught comes over and defends her from the aliens bullying her. They then play together throwing rocks into space and jumping around. A loud bell goes and everything fades back to reality, lunch time is over and the girl and boy walk back into school holding hands.

Ian Garling - Director, 
                     Story board artist,