Thursday, 10 November 2016

Environments: Maya tests

Was just having a play in Maya with the low poly style modeling, as I was struggling with drawing in Photoshop.

Not Triangulated or Reduced 

After Triangulated and Reduced once 

After Triangulated and Reduced twice

After Triangulated and Reduced a third time

After Triangulated and Reduced a forth time 
So I triangulated and reduced the vertex's in order to create this.
By doing this I am going to create some simple layouts which move around and edit to help me get a better idea for positioning for my environment art.

I think out of the three images above, the third and forth picture looks the the best in the low poly style. Where as the fith image, the back just looks a little too flat. I will start to create come bits to go in the foreground and back ground to make them better enviroments.

- Hannah