Friday, 23 September 2016

Welcome one and all

Welcome to D4C Studios blog!

We are four second year computer animation students who have to come together to create a group project as part of our narrative project.
This post is just a introduction to who we.

"Hi I'm Hannah, and I'm an animation student in the making. My interests would obviously be art and animation/ film, but I also enjoy music, live performances, travelling and find new adventures. 
Originally I wanted to do a fine art degree, but found computer animation course was way more up my street as I already had a love for animation films and games.
The dream after I finish uni would be to work for a games or film industry, and hopefully in a few year be able to say I worked on the next best game or film to be released.

"Hi, my names Brad King, Team Leader of D4C Studios!  My hobbies include but aren't limited to, DJ'ing (which has now become my primary source of income), Snowboarding (which is what I spend all of said income on), watching 80's movies and building Airfixs of WW2 Planes. I originally came from a Engineering background where I wanted to eventually study Aeronautical Design as I wanted to build planes in real life too, but found the physics side of it immensely boring, so decided to focus on the CAD that I had started at the time.
Originally my goal after graduating was to go into film and start designing models for film, but over time the animation side has grown more and more on me, I have found 2D and 3D animation very enjoyable and would potentially enjoy going working on either form of animating post Uni."

"My names Ian Garling and I'm 20 years old. My hobbies include skateboarding and watching films. The reason why I love animation is it allows you to bring things to life, make the impossible possible, you have endless possibilities which makes it extremely enjoyable for me. My main goal for after the course is to create my own animation TV show. I really like this idea because it will allow me to present my work to people around the world who will hopefully enjoy the animation as much as myself."

"My name is Aureo Antonio, and I'm A Second a year student at UCA studying BA computer animation arts. My Interests are listening and making music, video editing, manga/anime, drawing and dancing."

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